Hello, We’re Localify


Allow us to introduce ourselves – we are Localify. What we do is provide no nonsense marketing support to small and local business across the North West. We are based in Blackpool and pride ourselves on supporting the local economy through high quality, honest marketing services that don’t cost the Earth.

To give you an idea of the kind of services we provide, they are:

  • Affordable web design and website creation services
  • eCommerce websites
  • Content marketing support – blog post packages
  • Social media management for small businesses
  • Great value app development

We have worked with a range of small businesses based in the North West, including Lighter Living Life Coaching, Something Else Health Cafes, CCM Solutions, The New Fleetwood and more. We have some examples of work available here

Our ultimate mission is to provide a great quality alternative to traditional marketing agencies, specifically for small and local businesses that don’t have huge budgets available or the resources to hire a full marketing department. Our whole ‘no nonsense’ philosophy stems from seeing marketing agencies around the country and across the web claiming that their systems and approaches are ‘revolutionary’ and ‘groundbreaking’ – what we’ve found from our research is that small businessowners just want somebody to get the job done to a high quality without sending eyewatering invoices. We cut through the noise, keep it simple and crack on with putting your business in the spotlight.

We’ll be posting here regularly, so stay in touch with us on social media to see our latest posts!

Bye for now,

The Localify Team



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