Social Media Management for small businesses

  • Social media is the new word of mouth - people ask for and give recommendations all the time. We will put your business on the tip of people's tongues using Facebook, Instagram and more.
  • Facebook has a tonne of data that you can harness for highly targeted, effective advertising across their platforms - including Instagram. For example, if you run a cafe with a vegan menu near a university campus, you could target people within the average student age (18-22) who have smartphones and have expressed interest in avocado and almond milk.
  • People in the UK spend more than 24 hours a week on social media - it makes perfect sense to invest time and effort into how your brand works on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks.

We can...

Manage your pages

We can fully manage your business' Facebook page, Instagram feed and Twitter account. Pick just one or all of them - our services are flexible.

Grow your audience

We use proven strategies to grow your exposure online. We can increase followers on your accounts, engagement on your posts and views on the photos, updates and videos you post online.

Create content

We regularly run content creation sessions with our clients to load up on high quality images for Instagram and stock up on blog posts to be scheduled for weeks ahead.

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